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We are family owned small business in St Paul, MN. We are committed to a client focused approach from our first connection to the respect with which we treat your home. Let us take on the projects so you can focus on the things you love.


We are fully licensed contractors through the state of Minnesota and insured to protect your home.

Contractor License: CR806918


Our primary service area includes anything within 20 miles of Roseville, MN. Further requests are subject to a travel fee of $0.70 per additional mile.

Prompt, Respectful, Reliable

Meticulous Work Ethic

Transparent Prices

10+ years Of Experience

My work experience

From caretaker to problem solver

My name is Josiah and I am the handyman of All-Star Handyman LLC. My wife, Elizabeth, and I began apartment caretaking 14 years ago. We started with simple cleaning and apartment flips. As the onsite representatives of the property managers, we were the first to hear when something needed repairs and the maintenance techs were overwhelmed with orders and too slow for the residents’ liking. We began stepping in for simple repairs like toilet seals and sticky doors. I loved being able to improve the experiences of our tenants and enjoyed the work of fixing broken things. The company I worked for appreciated it as well and soon they had provided the opportunities for me to get my pool operator and boiler licenses.

New positions and more responsibility became available and I quickly worked my way up to building manager. I began watching the maintenance technicians who were called in for issues – everyone from plumbers to electricians. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions (despite the varied reactions I got from the techs) and many were happy to explain what they were doing. Soon I was fixing more things than we were calling maintenance for. The more I researched and learned, the easier and faster things became and I had found a passion and niche. Finally, I made the leap to my first maintenance technician position at an HOA condominium complex.

Being self-taught, I was nervous about being in over my head, but it took just one time second-guessing my abilities to see my worries were misplaced. I played it safe and called an experienced company for a complicated issue but it soon became clear they knew less about the problem and solutions than I did. This was a pivotal moment for me as I finally realized that it wasn’t knowledge and experience I lacked, it was simple confidence in what I already knew.

Since then, I’ve built a reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable worker who cares about our clients by first hearing and then fixing their problems. I committed to a client-focused approach and constantly finding ways to improve my skills and knowledge. I began to read wiring schematics and researching thermodynamics. I became interested in electronics and carpentry. When I got tired of waiting for overbooked garage door companies to show up, I learned how to fix them myself. I take pride in producing top quality work and commit to constantly raising the standard.

When I work in someone’s home, I’m not just fixing something broken. When I repair a lock I’m not just correcting disrupted alignment. Working in your home is an opportunity to relieve a stressor in your life so you can focus on the things that really matter to you. And that’s what matters to me.

Our Promise

We are PROFESSIONALS you can trust to treat you and your home with respect. You will receive RELIABLE service completed with EXCELLENCE. We’ll leave your home as we found it, minus the broken faucet.

About the Owners

We are Josiah and Elizabeth Urlaub, owners of All-Star Handyman LLC. We live in Roseville, MN with our three kids and are thrilled to serve you with our business. When we aren’t working we love hiking and kayaking with our kids, exploring local coffee shops, and hosting friends and family in our home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transparent Pricing?

Transparent Pricing is our commitment to upfront labor and material costs so you can easily get an idea of what your project will cost you. You’ll pay what we tell you the cost is before scheduling the job unless there are unexpected complications which will be brought to your attention immediately so you can make the final call on any changes. We will always be upfront if any issues arise that affect the final price and you can trust our reputation for honest and respectful work.

How Do Estimates work?

Thanks to our Transparent Pricing, many jobs have prices clearly listed here on the site. Some jobs require specific information to provide an accurate quote and those can usually be given through free phone or email estimates. Occasionally onsite estimates are required. In this case there is a $65 trip fee which is refunded toward a booked service.

How do I book a service call?

The best way is to simply click the button below or in our contact page to fill out our service request form. You can also ask any questions or request estimates through the form. Once we receive your request we will contact you within two business days to clarify details and set up an appointment. If you have any questions you can also call us at 612.380.9524.

Customer Reviews

“Josiah performed a drywall repair. Once completed you wouldn’t know there was a big hole there previously. The wall looked amazing. The work was done in a professional and timely manner. I would recommend Josiah to my family and friends.”

~ Andrew P.

Customer Reviews

“Josiah did an amazing job. He was kind and professional in every way. He took the time to help us understand the process and the equipment that would be used to build a patio and fire pit. In addition, he communicated well, and I always knew what was going on. I couldn’t have been happier with his service and would highly recommend him to anyone.

~ Eddie F.

Customer Reviews

We had a great experience with ASH. We worked with Josiah, and he was amazing in all aspects. He was efficient and yet paid attention to all of the important details. We were done on schedule, and things came together better than we had hoped. You won’t be disappointed!

~ Jeff D.

Customer Reviews

Josiah was very professional and honest. He helped us figure out the water problem our basement had, (a problem that another big company was not able to help us find a solution for). He was very kind and very clean. He worked very hard cleaning all the water problem, and properly disposing of the water, and he guided us to the actual solution. He was very helpful, communicating both the problem and the solution in a way we could understand. It will be a pleasure to continue to hire him for our future house needs.

~ Ayalen A.

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