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Frequently Asked Questions

What is transparent pricing?

Transparent Pricing is our commitment to upfront labor and material costs so you can easily get an idea of what your project will cost you. You’ll pay what we tell you the cost is before scheduling the job unless there are unexpected complications which will be brought to your attention immediately so you can make the final call on any changes. We will always be upfront if any issues arise that affect the final price and you can trust our reputation for honest and respectful work.

How do estimates work?

Some jobs require specific information to provide an accurate quote and those can usually be given through free phone or email estimates. Occasionally onsite estimates are required. In this case there is a $75 trip fee which is refunded toward a booked service.

How do i book a service call?

The best way is to simply click the button above to fill out our service request form. You can also ask any questions or request estimates through the form. Once we receive your request we will contact you within two business days to clarify details and set up an appointment. If you have any questions you can also call us at 612.380.9524